About us:

Prortus is a young and dynamic IT company. We are able to provide an interdisciplinary team to solve many of your IT needs.

We specialize in C++ development (embedded, real-time, high-performance server back-ends, games).

Our offer includes:

  • Full Project development and maintenance
  • On and off site consultants
  • Training (C++, boost, STL, OO Patterns, OpenGL, OpenCL, Bullet, JavaEE, Spring, Hibernate, UML)

Our current projects:


Innovative ball-rolling 3D game placed in a postapocalyptic world.


Our customers:

We've done work for:

Opera Nokia Siemens Networks ProData Consult Tieto SMT Software

We cooperate and are friends with:

Psychosomatic Software StudioOz


We are hiring! Currently looking for:

Level Design Deity

Want to design adrenaline-pumping levels for Warball?


  • Countless hours spent in virtual worlds
  • Experience in gaming on mobile platforms
  • Sense of aesthetics
  • Master of at least one advanced 2D graphics editor

Bonus points for:

  • Scripting experience
  • 3ds max experience
  • Inkscape experience
  • Proficiency in creating textures
  • Understanding of shaders

Texture Art Mage

Want to make razor sharp textures so sweet that the players actually want to lick them?


  • Master of Photoshop or equally destructive tools of trade
  • Flawless sense of atmosphere and lightning
  • Heart for beautiful game environments

Bonus points for:

  • Understanding of shaders
  • Inkscape or Ilustrator experience

Game Coding Ninja

Eager to write tight clean code that makes a world go round?


  • Writing poetry in C++
  • Sculpting art in OpenGL

Bonus points for:

  • Eating Bullet(s)
  • Rewiring small brains as reactive agents
  • iOS experience and Objective-C proficiency
  • Android experience and Java magic

JavaScript Wizard

Want to use the latest tech to create dynamic portals to another world?


  • Fluent in JS - with coffee or without
  • Angular
  • Node
  • MongoDB

Bonus points for:

  • Chopping up CSS like a ninja

We are also looking for interns. Paid!

You can work from home. Flexible hours.

Contact us:

  • Phone: +48 788 317 590
  • E-mail:

Warsaw office:

ul. Orlego Lotu 2/67
03-982, Warszawa

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Wroclaw office:

ul. Olawska 23/5
50-123, Wroclaw

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